Join the countless others who use Kazzylen Remit to receive the genuine exchange rate. We are often 8 times less expensive than the top main street banks. Hundred's of individuals receive the best exchange rates.

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No need to visit an agent. Send 70 currencies to 130 countries, from your smartphone or computer


Low fee and high rate

Users of Kazzylen Remit have already saved close to $1 million in fees!


Check money log

No need to visit an agent, you can easily check your money log online from your account


Bank payment system

Sending money abroad may be expensive, particularly if you are unaware of the additional expenses. Banks and money transfer providers charge you more


5 star service

Our specialists provide in-depth analyses of every service that appears on Kazzylen Remit utilising hundreds of verified criteria in order to provide you with clear, practical suggestions.


Africa remittance

Remittances to Sub-Saharan Africa are projected to have increased by 12.5%.

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Living and relocating abroad has never been easier

Get your pay, pension, and other benefits.

Move without hassle and without having to deal with different bank accounts. Give your work, pension plan, family, and friends your information to get paid like a local.

Transfer money between nations.

Send money to 80 nations for a constant low and clear charge. It's now simpler than ever to pay your bills and subscriptions in several currencies using Direct Debits in the UK, Europe, the US, and Canada, Nigeria, Malaysia.

Easy and fast way to send money

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1 Create an acccount

Create your free Kazzylen Remit account in minutes.

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2 Set up a transfer

Choose the amount of money send and tell us who to send it to.

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3 Pay securely

Pay using a debit/credit card or bank transfer.

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4 That’s it!

We’ll notify you when the transfer is complete, usually within minutes.

How to send money with Kazzylen Remit

Sending now is easier, faster, and safer to individuals you care about.

Kind compliments from our customers

24/7 support with our customer care service

We accept all questions concerning Kazzylen Remit

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Question and Answer

An electronic money account is what your Kazzylen Remit account is. It is distinct from a bank account due to

  • The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or any protection programme that you would receive with a bank account does not apply to your money, which is safe and secure.

  • A loan or overdraft are not available.

  • No interest will be paid to you.

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We keep your funds in reputable financial institutions, keeping them apart from our own accounts and out of our partners' reach during regular company operations.

Yes! We are always working to secure your money and account from even the most sophisticated fraud.

We are dedicated to protecting your personal information and we're open about how we gather, use, and store it.

Be there for your family. Even from the other end of the world.

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